FOSA O2Go Vacuum Glass Juice Jug JJ11201


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1200ml O2Go Vacuum Glass Juice Jug x 1pc

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FOSA O2Go Vacuum Glass Jug 1200ml (10.2cm x 28.2cm)
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Intelligent Vacuum Food Storage System

  • FOSA "TURTLE" vacuum pump is one-touch operation.
  • TURTLE FOSA is compatible with all the vacuum storage accessories.
  • Separate vacuum pump design allows you to use one pump with different types of FOSA containers, glass jugs, vacuum bags and more for vacuum storage.
  • Slows down the discoloration and oxidation process.
  • Vacuum storage slows down the discoloration and oxidation process and keep Juice, smoothies and soup fresher longer.
  • Perfect for storing freshly squeezed juice, milk, smoothies, soup and other beverages.
  • Prevents your juice from oxidizing and losing nutrition and flavour.
  • Preserves nutrients and extends freshness.
  • Lead-free glass with a slender design.
  • Jug fits in the refrigerator door and vacuum lid locks out odor.
  • FOSA TURTLE Vacuum pump is to be purchased separately.